Current research



  • Julius Yani (PhD thesis Modibbo Adama University, Yola) Plant species diversity and carbon sequestration in three ecological zones of Nigeria.
  • Eric Bemuh Febnteh (PhD thesis University of Bamenda, Cameroon) Ecology of oyster mushrooms—genus Pleurotrus—in the montane forests of Cameroon and Nigeria.
  • Gboyega Awoku (PhD thesis UC) Pollination biology and the role of different pollinator species in local crop pollination.
  • Ahmed Abdulrahaman (MSc student Lagos State University) Application of remote sensing data to monitor and map forest canopy cover.

Completed theses

  • Istifanus Jesse (MSc Gombe State University) The study of snag, down course woods debris in an ecosystem.
  • Jennifer Arubemi Agaldo (PhD, UC) Plant-animal interaction in relation to seed fate and the role it plays in regeneration and restoration of grassland around Ngyel Nyaki Forest Reserve, Nigeria. (TY Danjuma Scholar)
  • Yadok Biplang Godwill (PhD, UC) Investigating the efficiency of the African Pouched Rat (Cricetomys sp. nov) in secondary seed dispersal in Ngel Nyaki forest. (TY Danjuma Scholar)
  • Murna Tella (PhD, UC) Investigating the ecosystem services provided by birds in Ngel Nyaki forest and surrounding agricultural lands.
  • Iveren Abiem (PhD, UC) Using the CTFS-ForestGeo plot (of which she is the manager) to understand forest regeneration and seed rain.
  • Lily Brailsford (MSc UC) Determining levels of gene flow in trees between forest fragments
  • Charles Nsor (PhD, UC) The relative importance of birds and insects as pollinators of a west african montane forest: a case study of Ngel Nyaki forest reserve.
  • Kelly Hutchinson (MSc, UC) Feeding ecology of Putty nose monkey
  • Denise Arroyo Lambaer (PhD, UC) Conserving amphibian diversity- inventory and gene flow studies in fragmented montane forest, Mambilla Plateau, Nigeria.
  • Babale Aliyu (PhD, UC) The fate of large seed in an Afromontane forest with few wide gaped frugivores.
  • Joah Thia (MSc, UC) Rare Afromontane tree conservation: using genetics and ecology to guide the management of Lovoa trichilioides and Cordia spp.
  • Sasha Roselli (MSc, UC) Factors limiting species composition and growth rates of naturally regenerating forest in a Nigerian montane grasslands.
  • Alex Knight (MSc, UC) Genetic structure and gene flow in the Nigeria Cameroon Chimpanzee in and around Gashaka Gumti National Park
  • Danladi Mohammed Umar (PhD, UC) How do varying land-uses affect stream communities in highland tropical streams in Nigeria?
  • Andrew Barnes (MSc, UC) Forest edges, livestock encroachment, and boundary fencing: The effects of habitat edges on dung beetle (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) community structure and function.
  • Delyse Campbell (MSc, UC) The potential for natural seed dispersal in the restoration of West African montane forest.
  • Paul Dutton (PhD, UC) Foraging behaviour of the Nigerian/Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) in a small remnant of montane forest: assessment of technology, diet and habitat. PhD, UC.
  • Abby Grassham (MSc, UC) Relationships between the tantalus monkey and forest structure in a West African montane forest.
  • Martin Korndoerfer (MSc, UC) Fulani pastoral practices around the Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve.
  • Samuel (Dayo) Temidayo Osinubi (PhD, UC) Habitat choice and evolutionary fitness in the yellow breasted boubou (Laniarius atroflavus).
  • Kristy Udy (MSc, UC) The influence of forest reserve protection on the structure, stability, and functioning of dung-associated invertebrate communities
  • Fiona Agmen (BSc(Hons), UC)Tantalus monkeys Chlorocebus tantalus and seed dispersal.
  • Tammy Korndoerfer (MSc, UC) Natural Resource use and Livelihoods of villagers on the Mambilla Plateau, Nigeria: Yelwa village as a case study.
  • Kerry-Anne Weston (MSc, UC) The role of sunbirds in pollination at Ngel Nyaki forest.

Student visitors

  • Priscilla Asory from FUTY spent a week at Ngel Nyaki in 2013, working on her MSc project to do with forest soils.