Partners and collaborators

A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute, Jos
The project works closely with Dr Shiiwua Manu, the Director of APLORI for academic and student exchanges.

African Nature Investors Foundation (ANI), Nigeria
ANI support the Project to gain international funding and support.

Professor Dr Pierre-Michel Forget, Natural History Museum, Paris, France
PM Forget is a strong associate of the project and is involved in collaborative research and student supervision.

Federal University of Kashere
The Project has an MOU with the Kashere around early career staff training and undergraduate field trips.

Gashaka Biodiversity Project, England/Nigeria
Our nearest neighbour. The project collaborates with the Gashaka Biodiversity Project (formerly the Gashaka Primate Project) in both research and logistical support.

Gombe State University
The Project has an MOU with the Gombe State around early career staff training and undergraduate field trips.

Lincoln University, New Zealand
The project is working closely with Lincoln to introduce agro-ecology into the research.

Mayfield Community Ecology Laboratory, Australia
The Mayfield Community Ecology Lab is based at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.

Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF)
The project has a stong link with NCF regarding conservation in Nigeria, especially UNREDD.

Nigerian National Park Service
The project has an MOU with the Park Service around collaborative research.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Surrey, England
The project has a memorandum of collaboration with RBG Kew in regards to plant identification and staff training.

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute-ForestGEO®, USA
Our partners for the Ngel Nyaki Forest Dynamics Plot.

African Nature Investors, Nigeria

Taraba State Forestry
The Project has an MOU with the Taraba State Ministry of Environment around research and collaboration.

Nigerian Meteorological Institute (NIMET)

University of Exeter, United Kingdom
The Project is hosting Dr Tim Hill and Silveo Stiivanello who are conducting lightening research in the ForestGEO plot. 

University of Canterbury, New Zealand
UC provides logistical support to the project.


Donation to establish a forest monitoring plot
T. Y. Danjuma
The research plot is part of the Center for Tropical Forest Science (CTFS) global network operated through the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. 

Annual Supporters

We are extremely grateful to these donors for their ongoing financial support:

  • A. P. Leventis and AG Leventis Foundation
  • Retired General T.Y. Danjuma
  • University of Canterbury, NZ
  • Taraba State Government


  • CTFS ForestGEO, to facilitate research within the Ngel Nyaki ForestGEO Plot
  • NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), grant to develop an outreach centre and arobretum at Ngel Nyaki
  • Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Nigerian chimpanzee conservation (project number 1025977) and gene flow in chimpanzee
  • Rufford Small Grants, Seed Dispersal and the Long-Term Survival of Nigeria’s Montane Forests and the role of Cercopithecus nicitans (putty nose monkey) in seed dispersal at Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve
  • DHL Nigeria, logistical support
  • World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF), support to publish The forests of Taraba and Adamawa states, Nigeria. An ecological account and plant species checklist. Chapman JD & Chapman HM (2001)
  • Primates Inc, chimpanzee ecology research support, awarded to Paul Dutton (PhD student), chimpanzee genetics research support, awarded to Alex Knight (MSc student)
  • Ford Motor Company Conservation and Environmental Grants for student research and logistical support
  • Explorers Club, for student research into the conservation genetics of rare trees, awarded to Josh Thia (MSc student)
  • Chester Zoo Studentship Grant, for student research into the conservation genetics of rare trees, awarded to Josh Thia (MSc student)
  • New Zealand Royal Society (Canterbury Branch), travel grant to Josh Thia (MSc student)
  • NZ Institute of University Women, for student research into forest restoration, awarded to Sasha Roselli (MSc student)
  • British High Commission, Abjua, Low Carbon High Growth grant for a fully automated weather station 

Community Grants

  • T Y Danjuma Taraba State Community Fund, for teacher training and playground equipment for the nursery school
  • Exxon Mobil, funding for the Esso Mobil Nursery School in Yelwa village, funding for the nursery school bore hole