Notetaking information

Notetaking may be provided for you if you experience difficulties taking notes . Notes are intended to record information presented in a lecture that isn’t contained in course handouts or lecture slides, including information from class discussions and announcements.

Notetaking is not a substitute for attending lectures, and students receiving notes are expected to attend all lectures.

Applications for notetaking should be made at least a week before the beginning of the semester so that notetaking can be arranged.

If you apply for notes once the semester has commenced, the notes request will be actioned as soon as practicable. If you apply after the first week of the semester, we may not be able to backdate them.

It is your responsibility to notify your Accessibility Advisor of any changes to your notetaking support needs. This includes cancelled lectures, tests held during lectures, and any room or time changes.

In most cases notes are loaded onto the University of Canterbury's Learn site for you to access, view and download independently.


Guidelines for Students using Notetakers (PDF 244KB, 2 pages)

Guide to Accessing Notes on Learn (PDF 519KB, 6 pages)

Please keep in mind that at the beginning of a semester, it can take up to three weeks for notes to be uploaded to LEARN. 

If you are still waiting for notes after this time, please contact your Accessibility Advisor directly.