UC7 Wheel

The University of Canterbury is a truly holistic place of learning, made up of 7 outstanding dimensions that will prepare you to change the world.

Explore UC7 further via the links below and find out about the 7 dimensions from students who have experienced UC first-hand.

UC Academic

UC is ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide and our graduates help shape the world we live in. Learn more

UC Enterprise

Many UC courses offer hands-on experience in the workplace, helping you to make connections that count in the real world. Learn more

UC Community

UC students are heavily involved in the community, and are playing a vital role in Christchurch’s resurgence. Learn more

UC Bicultural

UC is committed to biculturalism. That’s a good thing for everyone. Learn more

UC Global

UC has exchanges with over 50 universities worldwide, and our unique Erskine Fellowship programme brings 75 international academics each year to teach at UC. Learn more

UC Support

UC has a dedicated support system to help you find your way and make the most of uni life. Learn more

UC Active

UC sits on the doorstep of a massive outdoor ‘playground’, features a thriving students’ association and has over 130 amazing student-led clubs. Learn more