Sub-delegation of Delegated Authority must be done in accordance with the Delegations of Authority Policy

Staff Members may sub-delegate their authorities to another role or group of staff by:

  1. Appointing them in an acting or relieving role (temporary); or
  2. Transferring specific authorities that were specifically conferred upon them in accordance with the sub-delegation rules set out for that specific authority (see the relevant Delegations Schedule).

A sub-delegated authority may not be further sub-delegated without the prior written approval of the Vice-Chancellor.

Sub-delegations must be in writing (including email) and must also specify the duration of the sub-delegation and any limits on the sub-delegation. 

Sub-delegation is a transfer of authority but not of accountability. This means that the person sub-delegating the authority remains accountable for the use of that authority. Sub-delegating an authority does not prevent the delegating manager from exercising that authority alongside, or instead of, the role to which the sub-delegation is given. 

Template sub-delegation forms

There are two template sub-delegation forms which Staff Members are encouraged to use.

Once completed the wording in the template form should be sent as an email to the person to whom the sub-delegation is being given, your line manager, your People and Culture Business Partner (where relevant) and your Finance Business Partner (where relevant).