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Asset Planning and Delivery

06 November 2023

Asset Planning and Delivery contributes to UC's wellbeing and development through planning, design, and managing projects for our buildings and infrastructure. Find out about Asset Planning and Delivery at UC.


Asset Planning and Delivery contributes to the wellbeing and development of the University of Canterbury through planning, design and management of projects for its buildings and infrastructure.


The University is undergoing an extensive and exciting campus transformation entailing numerous projects that are delivering some of the most modern teaching, learning and research facilities in the southern hemisphere.

Current projects include state-of-the-art new and refurbished buildings, new accommodation options and off-site projects in the city that reconnect the University with the community.

UC's Campus Master Plan outlines a planning vision and design principles to guide the development of the University's built infrastructure over the next 20-30 years in delivering a safe, secure and inspirational environment.

Asset Planning and Delivery also provides guidelines for consultants employed by UC to work on development projects, manages the University's significant portfolio and endeavours to ensure all space on campus is used in an optimal way.

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