Campus Master Plan

Cultural narrative

Ngāi Tūāhuriri have developed a cultural narrative which has been incorporated into the Campus Master Plan, and are providing further interpretation to assist with its integration into each project. This collaboration ensures the values and aspirations of Mana Whenua are visible, accessible and are rendered in culturally appropriate ways in any future campus development.

Mana Whakapapa Tohu
The status of iwi and hapū as mana whenua is recognised and respected. Māori names are celebrated. Mana whenua significant sites and cultural landmarks are acknowledged.
Taiao Mahi Toi Ahi Kā
The natural environment is protected, restored and/or enhanced. Iwi/hapū narratives are captured and expressed creatively. Iwi/hapū have a living and enduring presence and are secure and valued within their role.
Campus Master Plan cultural narative nga-kete graphic

For Ngāi Tūāhuriri, stories lay the foundations of their world, teaching them about themselves and their connection to Papatūānuku (mother earth), to Ranginui (sky father) and to all creatures.

A selection of these stories has been embedded into the Campus Master Plan through the Cultural Narrative. As with all good stories, there are embellishments and a degree of supernaturalness. The key is the underlying messages.