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Workwise: A guide to managing workplace relationships

20 November 2023

By Pat Rosier


(Out of print)

September 2001
208pp, Paperback
220 x 170 mm, B&W illustrations
ISBN 1-877257-06-0

A management book with a real difference: written particularly for people who work in not-for-profit, voluntary or service organisations and collectives - which are characterised by a sense of shared purpose. It is also written particularly for women, as it is they who often dominate the health, education and social sectors where the principles underlying the book are most applicable.

Workwise A New Zealand guide to managing workplace relationships

The underlying philosophy is that management is a shared purpose not restricted to senior staff, and emphasis is placed upon teamwork and the dynamics of teams. Numerous real-life case histories deal with everyday issues of coaching, supervision, conflict resolution and staff training. Pat Rosier's lively, no-nonsense style is complemented by Helen Courtney's delightful illustrations.

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