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Without Issue: New Zealanders who choose not to have children

20 November 2023

By Jan Cameron


(Out of print)

200pp, Paperback
213 x 137 mm
ISBN 0-908812-66-3

In New Zealand during the 1980s one woman in nine was childless; that figure will double by the end of the century. Without Issue explores some of the myths surrounding the decision not to have children, through interviews and case studies of women and men - married and single, old and young - who have chosen not to become parents.

"Cameron's style is factual and non-judgmental. She has obviously done a lot of research and has produced a thought-provoking study... an excellent little book which anyone contemplating either having, or not having children, would be interested to read." Northern Advocate

Without Issue

"With future increases in the rate of childlessness likely (possibly as high as 25 per cent of couples) this book is very timely." Daily Telegraph

Jan Cameron is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Canterbury. This new book complements her research into the meaning of family and the reasons people do have children, published in her previous book Why Have Children? She is herself a parent.

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