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The Artful Science of Trout Fishing

20 November 2023

By John Hayes and Les Hill


(Out of print)

February 2005
260pp, Paperback
260 x 190mm, Full colour
ISBN: 978-1-877257-19-3

Two expert anglers – one a trout scientist and the other an outstanding photographer – combine forces in this new book which will help anglers understand, and catch more and bigger, trout.

The Artful Science of Trout Fishing

In a mixture of plain language science, fishing anecdotes and illustrations, they explain how an understanding of trout behaviour, senses, biology and habitat, the seasons and the physical environment will make angling more productive and rewarding.

Chapters cover the senses of trout, their feeding behaviour, response to lures and anglers, habitats and feeding niches, fishing strategies, sports fisheries conservation and management and much more.

Colour photographs and diagrams illustrate the science and anecdotes and clarify points made in the text. The authors weave these topics into a rich tapestry that will raise anglers’ awareness of the ways of trout and of the environment in which they fish – the result is a unique angling book.

While the authors live in the South Island of New Zealand, the book draws on their experience and research from throughout the world, and will be relevant in all fisheries where brown, rainbow and brook trout as well as quinnat salmon occur.

‘This is simply an outstanding publication …’ Don Haddon, New Zealand Wilderness

‘… one of the best New Zealand books on our sport yet published.’ Fish and Game New Zealand

‘…one of the most exceptional books on angling published in New Zealand.’ Harvey Clark, New Zealand Herald

‘the best combination of the "how-to and why to" of trout fishing for New Zealand anglers ever available.’ Bob McDowall, Fish and Game New Zealand

‘The credentials of the men who have written this new book are impeccable.’ Tony Orman, Marlborough Express

Dr John Hayes is New Zealand’s foremost trout biologist. He is a senior research scientist at Cawthron Institute, Nelson, and was previously with the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. He has extensive research experience with trout and salmon fisheries in New Zealand and also has studied in North America. Presently he leads multidisciplinary research teams studying angling pressure on New Zealand’s wild and scenic backcountry rivers, and predictive modelling of trout and salmon response to habitat change.

Les Hill is the co-author and photographer of Images of SilverStalking Trout and Catching Trout (with Graeme Marshall),and Stalking Stillwaters (with Grant Winter). His photographs and popular articles are regularly featured in fishing magazines in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

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