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Shaken Down 6.3

20 November 2023

'Shaken Down 6.3' by Jeffrey Paparoa Holman was inspired by the Christchurch earthquakes. Each poem in it is matched with a photograph taken by the author. Learn more.


(Out of print)

May 2012
56pp, Paperback
148 x 210mm, Colour photographs
ISBN 978-1-927145-30-2

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman's new collection was inspired by the recent Christchurch earthquakes.

Each poem in Shaken Down 6.3 is matched with a photograph taken by the author, and the volume includes an essay reflecting on the role of art in mitigating the human experience of events such as natural disasters.

Shaken Down 6.3

'Holman speaks the truth with a raw, sometimes harrowing clarity.' Hamesh Wyatt, Otago Daily Times

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman is an acclaimed poet, historian and teacher. His first major collection, As Big as a Father, was shortlisted in the 2003 Montana New Zealand Book Awards, and his next, The Late Great Blackball Bridge Sonnets, was warmly received by reviewers and readers alike.Jeffrey's most recent work of history is Best of Both Worlds: The Story of Elsdon Best and Tutakangahau (Penguin 2010).He was recently the 2011 Writer in Residence at the University of Waikato, Hamilton.He lives in Christchurch and is a senior adjunct fellow in the School of Humanities at the University of Canterbury.

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