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Sand Forests: A historical perspective of the stabilisation and afforestation of coastal sands in New Zealand

20 November 2023

Peter McKelvey


(Out of print)

May 1999
168pp, Paperback
240 x 170 mm, 50 B&W & 8 colour photos, 10 map
ISBN 0-908812-44-2

Planting trees to stabilise coastal sand dunes has long been a distinctive facet of New Zealand forestry. Stabilisation techniques were worked out in Europe during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, and later exported all over the world. Major sand-dune forests in New Zealand include Aupouri (Far North), Woodhill (Auckland), Santoft (Manawatu) and Bottle Lake (Canterbury).

Sand Forests A historical perspective of the stabilisation and afforestation of coastal sands in New Zealand

Professor McKelvey, author of Steepland Forests, provides the first complete account of the history of our sand-dune forests, from early experiments with sand fixation using marram, lupin and artificial structures, to the range of mostly exotic forestry projects in operation today on sand country. The role of indigenous sand plants such as pingao is also covered. Drawing on a lifetime's involvement in forestry, he also tells the human side of the story, including some whimsical anecdotes.

"This exceptionally readable book is enlivened with 50 B&W photos, 8 colour photos, and 10 maps. The very well-done introductory chapter on dune stabilization in Europe will initially captivate." - Taxon: Journal of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy

"This book is very important. It is informative, readable and should be in every school library in New Zealand. It is now a part of New Zealand's history." - The Northern Advocate

Peter McKelvey was Emeritus Professor of Forestry, University of Canterbury, after his retirement as head of the School of Forestry in 1985. Author of many research papers on indigenous forest ecology, he was a Fellow and past President of the NZ Institute of Forestry, and was for 10 years a director of the QE II National Trust. His previous book, Steepland Forests: A historical perspective of protection forestry in New Zealand, was published in 1995.

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