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My Place: 'A Place in Time' 21st Century Documentary Project

17 October 2023

By Glenn Busch and Bruce Connew


(Out of print)

January 2005
148pp, Paperback
230 x 200 mm
ISBN 1-877257-29-X

Where is it that comes to mind when you are asked to think about a place that is significant to you?

What makes one place more important to you than another?

My Place A Place in Time 21st Century Documentary Project

What is your connection with this place and what is it that continues to make it important in your life today?

These were questions Glenn Busch put to the people of Christchurch through the pages of their daily newspaper, The Press. Their answers reward your attention. Funny, tragic, poignant, unusual, ordinary stories, told honestly and from the heart.

Bruce Connew, together with Press photographer Dean Kozanic and students from the School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury, provided a magnificent series of portraits of those selected and these, along with their stories, resulted in the hugely popular exhibition, My Place. Now this book captures the exceptional work celebrating the exquisite ordinariness of everyday life.

Glenn Busch is a senior lecturer at the School of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, and director of the ‘A Place in Time’ documentary project. He is the author of Working Men and You Are My Darling Zita.

Bruce Connew is an eminent photo-journalist. His work is seen in national and international publications. His books include South Africa, Mutton Birds, and the autobiographical On the Way to an Ambush.

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