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Down-under Dolphins: The story of Hector's dolphin

20 November 2023

Stephen Dawson and Elisabeth Slooten


(Out of print)

60pp, paperback
250 x 180mm, 53 colour photos & maps, plus colour & B&W diagrams
ISBN: 0-908812-50-7

A plain-language account of New Zealand's own Hector's dolphins. With many excellent colour photographs and tips on where you can see and enjoy the dolphins, this book even tells what you can do to help the conservation effort.

Down-under Dolphins The Story of Hector's Dolphin

"A charming account in words and pictures of the cute dolphins with the rounded dorsal fins... " - North & South

Finalist in the 1997 New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards

Stephen Dawson and Elisabeth Slooten have been studying Hector's dolphins for more than thirteen years. Both lecture in marine biology at the University of Otago.

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