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ANZUS in Crisis: Alliance management in international affairs

20 November 2023

By Jacob Bercovitch


(Out of print)

267pp, Cased and jacketed
220 x 146 mm
ISBN 0-908812-01-9

Alliances between states are a major feature of the contemporary international system. As long as alliances have been in existence so have crises between allies. No other crisis, however, evoked such strong emotions and open disagreements as did the crisis between Australia, New Zealand and the USA - the ANZUS alliance. The crisis raised serious questions about international morality, the role of nuclear weapons and the best way of lessening the risks of a major conflict. It changed the perception of security interests in the Pacific and beyond, and threw into doubt the very existence of the postwar system of alliances.

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This book places the ANZUS crisis in the wider context of international alliance management in international affairs.

The contributors are leading academics from each of the three countries involved. They offer fresh insights and a unique and valuable interpretation of the problem as seen from Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

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