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Matthew Dudzik


Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

13 March 2024
Research Interests

In addition to being Architect in Residence at UC's Department of Civil & Natural Resources Engineering, I am the Creative Director of DUDZIK Studios. Having built, lectured, published, and exhibited internationally I bring a global perspective that informs DUDZIK Studios culturally sensitive work. Currently a Professor of Architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design, I am also Executive Director of the art gallery Yves Grfik. I received my Master of Architecture Degree from Washington University is St. Louis, MO and have worked for international architecture and landscape architecture firms.

    Recent Publications
    • Gregory AD; Dudzik MR (Ed.) (2009) Architecture is a Thing of Art. Savannah: Savannah College of Art and Design Press. 407.
    • Dudzik M. and Whitney MC. (2015) Embodied Architectural Practice and Design Literacy. In Brown T; Castellanos AM (Ed.), Chiselled Horizons: A Multi-Cultural Approach to Visual LiteracyInter-Disciplinary Press.
    • Dudzik MR. and Mendoza HR. (2013) Understanding Everyday Life and Self in a Cultural Space. In Poldma T (Ed.), Meanings of Designed SpacesFairchild Books.
    • Hall G., Dudzik MR., Pacheco CE., Cataldi L. and Cookson A. (2016) Disentanglement and Gates, an Interactive Game of Architecture Practice. Design Intelligence 19(3): 31-35.
    • Mendoza HR. and Dudzik MR. (2010) The Psychology of Space in a Culture of Fear: A Photographic Unmasking of Residential Interiors in Sao Paulo. In Proceedings of the 5th Annual IDEA Symposium.
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