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Nidhi Tewari


Digital Identities and Changing Perceptions of Information Privacy

27 November 2023

Studying towards a Doctor of Philosophy

Country of origin: India

Location: Level 3, Karl Popper


I have a background in social sciences and law. My doctoral thesis is on information privacy. I research is to understand the perceptions of information privacy from the perspective of users and their expectations from the legal system.



Primary Supervisor: Annette Mills

Co-Supervisor: Olivia Erdelyi


Research Interests

Information Privacy, Comparative Legal Research, Digital Identities, Human Rights, Jurisprudence


Working thesis title

Digital Identities and Changing Perceptions of Information Privacy


Academic History

  • Master's Degree in Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Bachelor's Degree in Social and Legal Science and Law
  • Diploma in Medical Jurisprudence and Forensic Science


Professional History

Assistant Professor (Law) at Symbiosis Law School, India (September 2016 - March 2019)

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