Wananga landing Wananga landing

Mikhail Gedyma

PhD Candidate

24 November 2023

Country of origin: Russia

Research interests:

During five years of working in New Zealand, I have developed a strong interest in seismic engineering. I have also developed an interest for timber structures and would like to continue my professional development by conducting PhD research in this field. I am particularly interested in timber buildings with hybrid bracing systems.

  • Personal interests: Hiking and kayaking
  • Personal or academic and or professional history: I have a Master's Degree and have been working in NZ as a structural engineer for 5 years
  • Publications: Repair and Reinstatement of Douglas-fir CLT Hold-down Connections using Mixed Angle Self Tapping Screws, Wright et al
  • Chin-Long Lee
  • Gregory MacRae (UC)
  • Thomas Lim (UC),
  • Angela Liu (BRANZ)
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