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Matthew Shaw

How do influencers/marketers enable social media addiction?

24 November 2023
Sapiens fortunam fingit sibi (A wise man carves his own fortune)


Studying towards a Master of Commerce in Marketing

Country of origin: New Zealand


I am a current Masters of Commerce student that is undertaking a piece of research that aims to understand what influencers and marketers are doing to enhance excessive social media use. There is a lack of research and understanding when it comes to the producer-focused enablers of social media addiction. One of the main goals of this research is to help people who struggle with problematic social media use to understand the things that influencers and marketers are doing to keep them constantly engaged. By making these people aware of these things I hope it can help them decrease their time spent on social media and improve their overall mental well-being.



Primary Supervisor: Ekant Veer

Co-Supervisor: Ann-Marie Kennedy


Research Interests

Social media addiction, Social media's effect on mental health, Mental well-being and mindfulness


Working thesis title

How do influencers/marketers enable social media addiction?


Personal Interests

Football, Basketball, Spike Ball


Academic History

Bachelor of Commerce - Finance and Marketing

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