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Kevin Foster

Computational and Statistical Strategies for Estimating Vs30

24 November 2023

Kevin is a geotechnical earthquake engineer. Most of his recent research has been in geotechnical earthquake engineering and strong-motion seismology, focused on improving our ability to estimate how the ground will move when earthquakes occur. This allows other engineers to anticipate and minimize damage to built infrastructure. Kevin earned his BSCE (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) and his MS (Master of Science) at Virginia Tech (USA), specializing in Geotechnical Engineering. Kevin's teaching experience has been primarily with undergraduate students in Civil Engineering programs at Virginia Tech and University of Canterbury. His preferred style emphasizes intuition and deep insight about essential concepts, using examples from everyday life. Kevin's work in the private sector has included construction and consulting experience in the residential and commercial secors, laboratory soils and materials testing, and geotechnical consulting in the mining industry.

  • Chris McGann
  • Liam Wotherspoon (UoA)
  • Brendon Bradley

Start date: 2016

Proposed end date: 2021

 Type of position sought

☑ Academic

☑ Research

☑ Industry

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