Booking Cancellation Policies

Why do we have these policies?

  • Our policies help us to create a fair environment where everyone is given the opportunity to join in and participate.
  • By cancelling an appointment/booking that you can't get to or no longer require, it allows others the ability to book into that timeslot.
  • Many of our services cannot be booked online or through the app on the same day. This allows our staff the time to get to work and for any tasks in the background to be done and ready for your appointment/booking. If you cancel an appointment/booking inside the allotted cancellation period, you prevent others from being able to make a booking at that time.

Cancellation Policy -  Massage/PT, Courts and Fields

Cancelling with more than 24 hours' notice (from the start time of the appointment/booking):

  • You will not be charged
  • If you have prepaid, you will be issued a refund automatically in the form of booking credit.
    • For example; if you have booked and paid for a 60-minute PT session, then cancel with more than 24 hours notice - you will be issued a credit of 1x 60-minute PT session onto your account, that you can use towards a future booking.
  • By cancelling early you have made room for someone else who may want to make a booking at that time.

Cancelling within 24 hours (from the start time of the appointment/booking):

  • You will be charged for the appointment/booking.
  • The charge will be attached to your membership account. You will have 7 days to pay.
  • If there is any money outstanding after 7-days, your automatic self-entry to the RecCentre will be restricted until the debt owing has been paid.
  • If you have prepaid you will no be eligible for a refund.
  • You may prevent someone from making an online booking for that timeslot.

Failing to turn up to a booked appointment or booking (No shows):

  • The same rules apply as above for cancelling within 24 hours.
  • However you will have also prevented someone from making an ad-hoc in-person booking for that timeslot.  


Cancellation Policy - Group Fitness and Small Group Training 

  • Minimum cancellation period is 30-minutes.
  • If you cancel a Group Fitness or Small Group Training class booking within 30-minutes of the class starting you will be issued a penalty.
  • If you receive 2 class penalties within 7 days, you will be blocked from pre-booking online or via the app for the next 7 days.
  • You will still be able to take your chances by turning up to the gym just before the class begins and asking our Customer Experience team to book you into the class that is about to start.
  • By cancelling your class with more than 30-minutes notice, you allow others on the standby list time to head over to the gym to attend the class.
    • For example; if you miss a class on the 14th, then another on the 20th, you will recieve an email notifying you that you have been blocked from pre-booking classes for the next 7days. You will be able to pre-book classes again from the 28th. 


We strongly recommend you turn on your Rec & Sport app notifications and save your appointments/bookings to your mobile or personal calendar.

  • Save appointments and bookings to your mobile calendar by opening the Group Fitness Timetable in the app or Client Portal then headding to the [My Bookings] tab and clicking on "Add to my Calendar". That way you'll get notifications of your bookings so you don't miss a thing.