Pacific Development Team


The Pacific Development Team (PDT) provide extensive support, opportunities, programmes, and events for Pasifika students at UC as well as some initiatives for UC staff and the wider community. See below for some of the services that are provided. 

Pacific Development Team 2020

Pastoral Care

Our Pacific Advisors and Team leader are the main pastoral care providers for Pasifika students at UC. They are available via email, telephone or for face to face meetings with students to help with almost anything and can be considered the first stop for most issues. They can support students with:

  1. Enrolment and other system issues
  2. Fees Free and Studylink processes
  3. Liaising with different departments/individuals both internally and externally of UC
  4. Being there for general talking and having someone to listen

Part of our team's pastoral care includes our Pasifika Mentoring Programme and our PASS Tutoring programme. See programmes for more information on these. 

Loluama Avia

Pacific Advisor
Internal Phone: 94634

Keruby Ioane

Pacific Advisor
Internal Phone: 90192

Pacific Events, Outreach and Communications

Our Pacific Engagement Coordinator along with our team administrator ensure that all of our students are kept in the loop with important communications throughout the year. We also run a number of events (see our events page). If you need to communicate with Pasifika students at UC, or would like to know more about our events, please contact us. 

Viane Makalio

Pacific Engagement Coordinator
Internal Phone: 95295

Tanoa Tulia

Te Waka Pākākano Communications and Administration Coordinator
37 Creyke Road
Internal Phone: 92775

UC Pasifika Strategy

Our Director of Pasifika Development and our Pacific Academic Lead, both work to advance the achievement of Pasifika students at a strategic level. This includes development, implementation, and oversight of our UC Pasifika Strategy, as well as providing advice and expertise to UC Staff. 

Pauline Luafutu-Simpson

Director of Pasifika Development
37 Creyke Road
Internal Phone: 93561

Ashalyna Noa

Pacific Academic Lead
37 Creyke Road 108
Internal Phone: 93562