Blues Awards

University of Canterbury Blues Awards celebrate students who have excelled in sport, arts and community engagement.

Blues are awarded to UC students for achieving appropriate sporting standards, and are named after the traditional sporting competitions between the two original ‘blues’ Oxford and Cambridge.

Not just sport

While a Blues Award has traditionally been a sporting accolade, there are now three categories of the award at the University of Canterbury - Sport, Arts and Community.

Some of our stars

Just a few of the notable athletes who have achieved these awards in recent years are Sophie Devine (White Fern/Blackstick), Georgia Groen (Barefoot Water Skiing World Champion), Pippa Hayward (Blackstick), Bridget Kiddle (Blackstick), Rachel McCann (Blackstick), Angie Petty (Track & Field), Kieran Read (All Black), Natalie Rooney (NZ Trap Shooter), Luke Whitelock (All Black).

2017 Blues Award winners

Adam Hillis Hockey
Angie Petty Athletics
Ben Scott Powerlifting
Braydon Ennor Rugby Union
Bridget Kiddle Hockey
Cass Engler Rugby Sevens & Touch Rugby
Charntay Poko Rugby League & Rugby Union
Gabi Steer Underwater Hockey
George Howat Rowing
Iona Young Hockey
Jason Hursthouse Hockey
Jessie Hansen Rugby Union
Kaveinga Finau Rugby Union
Kaylee Tavendale Rugby Union
Kiri Atkin Triathlon
Laura Glen Rowing
Libby Bird Hockey
Madeline Davidson Trampolining
Margot Willis Hockey
Matthew Butterfield Volleyball
Matthew Mesman Rowing
Nick Haworth Football (soccer)
Nick Healy Underwater Hockey
Nicole Purdom Rugby Union
Olivia McGoverne Rugby Union
Ollie Jones Road Cycling
Phoebe Stallmann Underwater Hockey
Roddy Lockhart Football (soccer)
Sam Godwin Rugby Union
Sean Liddicoat Football (soccer)
Sian Goodall Hockey
Sophie Williams Futsal
Texas Toleafoa Rugby League
Tom Mackintosh Rowing
Tom McGowan Futsal
Whitney Hepburn Football (soccer)
Tayla Bruce Lawn Bowls (Sports Person of the Year)
  • Ashley Perry
  • Ashley Stewart
  • Caitlin Jane Clarke
  • Clarissa Robert Jeyakumar
  • Daniel Cooper
  • Hamish Petersen
  • John Richardson
  • Maia Abraham
  • Sarah Sonal
  • Lewis Gibson (Outstanding Achievement in Dance)
  • Lee Richardson (Outstanding Contribution to Fine Arts at UC)
  • Vaea Peterson (Outstanding Achievement in the Arts)
  • Anumeya Chandra (Outstanding Contribution to the Canterbury Community)
  • Ashley Stuart (Outstanding Achievement in Community Engagement)
  • Clarissa Robert Jeyakumar
  • Hamish Johnston
  • Isabelle Smith
  • Jared McMahon
  • Jeff Willis (Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability)
  • Kaitlyn White
  • Kendra Burgess-Naude
  • Kestrel Ritchie
  • Luke Campbell
  • Richard Gresson