Assoc Prof Alex James and Prof Michael Plank

Associate Professor Alex James and Professor Michael Plank 2021

Associate Professor Alex James and Professor Michael Plank have won a UC Research Medal for their work developing mathematical models that helped guide New Zealand’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Professor Markus Milne

Professor Markus Milne 2021

UC Business School Professor Markus Milne is a winner of the UC 2021 Research Medal for his work investigating the social and environmental impacts of business.

Professor Gail Gillon

Professor Gail Gillon 2020

Decades of work aimed at improving children’s learning success and wellbeing has earned Professor Gail Gillon the University of Canterbury’s (UC) highest research honour.

Jason Tylianakis

Professor Jason Tylianakis 2019

UC Ecology Professor Jason Tylianakis has received the 2019 UC Research Medal, one of the highest awards the University Council can bestow.

Professor Steven Ratuva

Professor Steven Ratuva 2019

University of Canterbury (UC) political sociologist Professor Steven Ratuva has received the 2019 UC Research Medal, one of the highest awards the University Council can bestow.


Professor Rick Millane 2018

“Professor Millane is recognised as an outstanding researcher, educator and educational leader. His skills are diverse and his work is interdisciplinary,” Deputy Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Tuarua, and chair of the Selection Committee, Professor Ian Wright says.

Professor Geoff Chase behind bookshelf

Distinguished Professor Geoff Chase 2017

"Professor Chase has initiated, developed and successfully applied a novel area of Bio-Engineering research with a very strong clinical-applications focus."

David Schiel sea

Distinguished Professor David Schiel 2016

"We're trying to anticipate the impact of different levels of human usage or natural forces and factors on the function of our highly diverse ecosystems."

Jennifer Hay in front of students on computers

Professor Jennifer Hay 2015

"I enjoy interacting with and learning from all of the incredibly smart, generous and fun people I work with - doctoral students, postdocs and collaborators from around the world."

Mike Steel with 2014 research medal

Distinguished Professor Mike Steel and Professor C. Michael Hall 2014

Distinguished Professor Mike Steel, Mathematics and Statistics, and Professor C. Michael Hall, Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Professor Angus Macfarlane and Professor Dave Kelly

Professor Angus Macfarlane and Professor Dave Kelly 2013

Professor Angus Macfarlane, Professor of Māori Research at UC, and Professor Dave Kelly, School of Biological Sciences.

Philip Joseph holding his research medal

Professor Philip Joseph 2012

"I was naturally delighted to be awarded the Research Medal. It reflects positively on the research depth of the Law School, so I am very pleased. It is certainly one of the highlights of my career."

Professor Douglas Bridges behind mathematical equations on clear board

Professor Douglas Bridges 2011

"This theory is absolutely our baby and I think it is the most significant thing I've done in the last 10 years."

Professor Jack Copeland in front of art print

Distinguished Professor Jack Copeland 2009

Professor Jack Copeland's work is considered remarkable not only for its success but also its breadth.