UC Research Awards

Professor David Schiel and co-workers © University of Canterbury 2017

Research Medal

The Research Medal is awarded annually by the University Council. Excellence is most likely to be demonstrated by a sustained record of research of the highest quality or by research of outstanding merit produced over a more limited timeframe.

Recipients can be either a full or part-time member of staff at UC or have been a member of UC staff and who have retired no longer than 12 months.

The Research Medal is presented at a special function and recipients deliver a public lecture.

For staff wishing to view the application process for the Research Medal please click here (staff only).

Innovation Medal

The Innovation Medal is for the proactive transformation of academic knowledge and ideas leading to their adoption by the wider community.

A maximum of one Innovation Medal is awarded each year. The award is open to all continuing staff or staff who have relinquished a continuing position within the past three years.

For staff wishing to view the application process for the Innovation Medal please click here (staff only).

Professor Tim Bell 2011

"When people think about computer science they often equate it with programming, but it's a lot more than that, and it's how to communicate this that got me thinking..."

Early and Emerging Career Researcher Award

The Early and Emerging Career Researcher Award is awarded annually by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation. The Award recognises emerging researchers and their contributions to research.

The nominee must hold a continuing position at UC as Lecturer or Senior Lecturer (including Senior Lecturer above the bar).  Nominees must be within 8 years of academic or research employment.

Recipients are invited to deliver a public lecture.

For staff wishing to view the application process for the Early and Emerging Career Researcher Award please click here (staff only).

Dr Mitja Remus-Emsermann 2018

University of Canterbury microbiologist Dr Mitja Remus-Emsermann from the School of Biological Sciences has won the UC Early and Emerging Career Researcher Award 2018.

Dr Laurie McLay 2017

Dr Laurie McLay, School of Health Sciences, won the Early and Emerging Career Researcher Award for her research on the efficacy of behavioural interventions for children and young people with autism spectrum disorder, with particular emphasis on sleep disturbance.

Associate Professor Geoffrey Rodgers 2016

"We believe this multiple sensor approach and associated modelling - the missing link - will lead to significant new insights into implant mechanics and could significantly improve patient care"

Associate Professor Girish Prayag 2015

"What does it mean to be resilient, through the lens of community resilience, personal resilience, and organisational resilience?"

Brendon Bradley and Daniel Stouffer 2014

Professor Brendon Bradley, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, and Associate Professor Daniel Stouffer, Biological Sciences.

Kiwinet Awards

The KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards is New Zealand’s premier event celebrating the achievements of individuals, teams and organisations actively commercialising publicly funded research.

Research commercialisation is about turning scientific discoveries made at New Zealand’s universities and Crown Research Institutes and Entities into innovative products and services that will grow our economy.

The KiwiNet awards celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of those who strive to bridge the gap between research excellence and outstanding business leadership.