When do we wear a mask?

24 August 2020

In a recent article for Stuff.co.nz, Dr Andrew Vonasch of UC’s School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing discussed the social norms some kiwis may require to feel comfortable wearing a mask when they were out and about in our communities.

  • Mask wearers

    Mask wearers are still in the minority in public areas. Photo taken by Joseph Johnson, Stuff.

In recent Stuff article, Tina Law talks to UC expert Dr Andrew Vonasch about the use of facemasks, particularly in the South Island where Covid-19 is not currently a perceived threat.

“It’s called social contagion, which is ironic under the circumstances.”

Dr Vonasch said social norms develop in a lot of different ways and one way would be for politicians or doctors to make it clear that wearing masks needed to become the norm. 

The article is published on Stuff.co.nz.

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