UC campus open following the earthquake

14 November 2016

The UC campus is open and operating as normal.

UC campus open following the earthquake - Imported from Legacy News system

The UC campus is open and operating as normal following last night’s earthquake. Visual building inspections have been conducted overnight and further checks will be carried out, but at this stage, it looks like only two lifts are out of action.

The vast majority of UC exams finished last week, and all UC halls of residence are OK. The Kaikoura Field Station was already closed until further notice due to the rockfall risk from the cliff behind it. Some staff may have been evacuated and others may have had travel plans interrupted.

Aftershocks are likely to continue, and there does appear to be some inconsistent advice regarding school closures. UC is aware that some schools and early learning centres have opened today, despite the Ministry of Education saying they should close. The UCSA Early Learning Centre on Montana Ave is closed, but the UCSA Early Learning Centre at Dovedale and the UC Early Learning Centre on Ilam Road are both open today.

For further information please contact:
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