Student Yanosh Irani excited about modernising UC

01 November 2013

University of Canterbury postgraduate student Yanosh Irani says he is excited to learn that engineering at UC will have its facilities fully modernised.

Student Yanosh Irani excited about modernising UC

Yanosh Irani

University of Canterbury postgraduate student Yanosh Irani says he is excited to learn that engineering at UC will have its facilities fully modernised to continue attracting the best staff.

Prime Minister John Key yesterday announced Government’s $260 million support to help UC rebuild quicker following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Electric power engineering student Irani says for students of his generation the announcement acknowledges UC’s importance to Christchurch. 

"Our graduates were the ones inspecting buildings while we dug silt out of driveways and went to lectures in tents," Irani says.

"Now UC will get a deserved facelift to ensure it looks like a modern university and remains a longstanding part of the community.

"Current students will benefit from working more closely with industry as UC engineering develops its research and development capability. This will help graduating engineers choose their career path and benefit from the contacts, mentoring and experience they get while doing final year projects. 

"Additionally the whole engineering cafe area will be opened up into a big social area for the whole college. This is pretty important for engineers as our degree is pretty social with plenty of group projects and assignments.

"Prospective students will get a better view of what we do here. The proposed open teaching and research spaces will make it easier to show year 11 and 12 students that it’s worth sticking with science as a subject. We will be able to clearly display how fun and interesting engineering really is, even though it seems hard at school. 

"The most exciting thing about this announcement isn't just the shiny new buildings we will be getting, it is the amazing people that will want to work in those buildings and share their expertise. 

"This doesn't change the things that earned UC engineering its world class reputation with quality researching and lecturing.  It provides these people with the environment they need to go out and attract the best students and develop fruitful industry partnerships."

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Engineering) Professor Jan Evans-Freeman says yesterday’s announcement is a huge boost for the College of Engineering.

"We have a great track record of engineering at UC but having all our facilities modernised will really make a difference. This will enable us to carry out teaching, learning and research in facilities fit for the 21st century.

"We will create multi-purpose and multi-disciplinary facilities. The flexibility of our equipment will be a feature of our state of the art modernisation.

"This will really help us attract more students and staff to join us. We have a long tradition of world-leading research and success in engineering. The revamp of our facilities is so exciting for our staff and students," Professor Evans-Freeman says.

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