More than 1100 students graduate from UC

20 December 2013

This week more than 1100 UC students graduated at the CBS Canterbury Arena with their well-earned degrees.

More than 1100 students graduate from UC - Imported from Legacy News system

This week more than 1100 UC students graduated at the CBS Canterbury Arena with their well-earned degrees.

During the ceremonies 1163 graduands received their degrees, diplomas and certificates in person from the faculties of Law, Commerce, Engineering and Forestry, Humanities and Social Sciences, Creative Arts, Science and Education. Seventy students graduated with doctorates over the three ceremonies held this week. 
Seventy-eight students from the College of Education graduated in a ceremony held at the Rotorua Convention Centre on 12 December.

UC Chancellor Dr John Wood spoke at the ceremonies and highlighted the benefits the new graduands could bring to the community and nation. 

“They have the greatest potential to make a difference. They will bring with them knowledge of the latest research and developments in their field. They take with them the ability to reason on a higher intellectual plane.

“Many will become leaders in their professions. All will work in service of humanity. Many will go beyond our shores. I know that wherever they choose to work and settle they will use their new skills to contribute to the making of a better world,”

Dr Wood said of the graduating class of 2013 was a special one as some “graduating today will have enrolled at UC before September 2010. Others will have joined us since February 2011.” 

“Whatever your individual path, the experience of those years and that time makes you very special, and will distinguish you for life. You chose to come, and stay with us, and tough it out.

“You and your cohort will go down in the long and distinguished annals of this institution as perhaps the greatest we have ever known for resilience, courage and determination, and at the same time compassion and caring for each other, and the wider community.”

Dr Wood added that the new UC graduates would now be part of a world-wide community of scholars.

“Wherever they live and work, today's graduates will be University of Canterbury alumni. They will remain family. They will be part of our world-wide community of scholars well in excess of 100,000 strong, which also forms a global support network. We look forward to maintaining contact with them for life, and to welcoming them back home, whenever they choose to come.”

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