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Summer Startup update week 4: Marketing, strategy & branding

17 January 2019

Throughout week 4 of the Summer Startup Programme, UCE had four guest speakers visit to share their wisdom, advice and personal experience around marketing.


Geoff Cranko presents to UCE EY Summer Startup Programme students on marketing and strategy

The UCE EY Summer Startup Programme students were appreciative of the local experts who visited the centre in week four to talk about a range of topics, from brand stories to design.

 John Sellwood on storytelling

John Sellwood was the first expert speaker during our action-packed week. John has over thirty years experience working as a producer and reporter in radio and television. In his talk, he shared some of his experiences and provided handy tips on how to tell a good story.

John-Sellwood John Sellwood sharing his storytelling experience

Michael Durie on brand and marketing

Local marketing maestro Michael Durie also visited UCE to provide wisdom on strategy, advertising and brand experience. He focused on the importance of “meeting and beating customer’s expectations” to develop trust and how to use focus to grab a customer’s attention.

Geoff Cranko on marketing and strategy

Geoff Cranko, Group Managing Partner of Strategy Creative, provided the summer students with plenty to consider in his talk. He discussed how consumers often behaviour in unexpected ways and highlighted the importance of paying attention to detail when it comes to creative work.  

Erin Jackson on Narrative Campaigns

Erin Jackson of strategic agency Narrative. rounded off the week with her insightful presentation, which challenged our students to “think about who your brand is and what story you want to tell”.

After these presentations, the students finished week four of the programme with plenty of marketing inspiration. Thank you to all the speakers for taking the time to provide such excellent talks.

The UCE EY Summer Startup Programme is a chance for students to work full time on fast-tracking the development of their ideas into realistic business ventures. To find out more about the UCE EY Summer Startup Programme click here.

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