Walking provides the ultimate level of freedom, with no parking hassles or road rage, and the easiest way to get some good cardiovascular exercise. It also improves circulation and your immune system, which will give you and your mind a natural lift!

For communities, walking builds a sense of community in neighbourhoods - the more people who walk the safer and friendlier our campus and surrounding streets feel. Help protect green space from being converted into vast expanses of car parks.

Walking routes on and surrounding the campus

We are incredibly lucky to have many lovely walking paths at UC, including alongside the headwaters of Okeover Stream between Ilam and Engineering roads, and the popular Ilam Gardens near Ilam Homestead (opposite UCSA). A shared cycle/walk way links Waimairi and Ilam Roads via Ilam Fields.

Recommended walking routes at night

Walking routes at night recommended by UC Security, plus some tips on keeping safe on campus at night.

Make something of your walk

Listen to music or inspiring pod casts while you walk. Walk with a friend. Use your walk as a thinking space.