Visas and Immigration

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) handles all applications for visas.

If you hold a job offer from UC, you may choose to apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) to enter the country and begin working. Residence applications involve a longer process and can require more preparation. INZ states that the application/process time for an AEWV Visa is on average 20 weekdays. The Skilled Migrant Category for Residence applications reopened on 11 November 2022 and INZ processing times are pending update. Processing times are subject to change and updates can be found here: Visa processing times.

The University will do what we can to support you with your visa application, however by law we are unable to give you independent immigration advice. If you require immigration advice or assistance, you may choose to engage a licensed Immigration Adviser at your own cost.

Meeting immigration requirements can take time, so we suggest that you visit the INZ website as soon as possible to identify the relevant pathway and submit an online application. 

There may be restrictions on your ability to purchase property in New Zealand, depending on your visa and circumstances. If it is your intention to purchase property in New Zealand, we recommend you first seek advice from a licensed Immigration Adviser or a New Zealand Lawyer to find out whether you will be able to do so as a non-New Zealand resident or non-New Zealand citizen.

As UC is an accredited employer with INZ, you may be able to apply for an AEWV once you have received your offer of full-time employment from us. If approved, this type of visa will be valid for up to 3 years. To be eligible for this visa, you must meet health, character and identity requirements, among others. Check the criteria at INZ for an idea on your eligibility. Partners of AEWV holders can currently be supported for a partner work visa but from April 2023 they will need to apply for a work visa in their own right.

Dependant on your individual situation, you may then be able to apply for a Residence visa.

Please find more information on both work and residence visas on the Immigration New Zealand website. 

People who have the skills to contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth can apply for this visa. This visa enables you to stay in New Zealand indefinitely. To start the process, you will be required to send an Expression of Interest (EOI) to INZ detailing your employment in NZ, work experience and qualifications. This visa utilises a points-based system and you are required to be 55 years of age or younger. You can include your partner and children (children under 24 years) in this application.

Please find more information on all options of Residence on the Immigration New Zealand website. 

If you require personal independent immigration advice, please visit the Government Immigration Advice website.