LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Learning at your own pace

LinkedIn Learning is a highly personalised learning experience designed to help you achieve your professional goals through learning you can access anywhere and immediately apply.

LinkedIn Learning is an award-winning industry leader in online training, with a digital library of over 6,000 courses covering a wide range of technical, business, software and creative topics. Launching with LinkedIn Learning is a strong commitment to provide e-learning opportunities for employees to grow capability across UC.


Getting the most out of LinkedIn Learning:


There are thousands of options for you. The easiest way forward with this online tool is to take a moment to consider up to three areas of development.

You can focus in on these areas via PD&R conversations with your manager, through feedback you are receiving from colleagues. We suggest using our Planning My Development Online to start with. 



These instructions are for University of Canterbury staff.

  1. To login first go to UCs LinkedIn Learning link - You will be recognised as continuing or fixed term employee and will prompted to sign in with Single Sign On.
  2. Type your UC staff email address and select 'Next'. 
  3. Enter your UC password
  4. From here you can connect your LinkedIn Profile to your University LinkedIn Learning account

Watch this short video on How to Use LinkedIn Learning for more instructions.



We encourage you to connect your private/professional LinkedIn account to your UC LinkedIn Learning account, so you’ll have a richer learning experience powered by the data and insights of the LinkedIn network.

You do not need to have a LinkedIn profile/account to access LinkedIn Learning. You can also bypass connecting to your LinkedIn account should that be your preference.


Discuss how you will implement what you have learnt with your manager and/or peers, provide the with feedback on your experience, share a course with your colleagues.

Keep note of your learning to bring to your PD&R conversation with your manager.


Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is no. LinkedIn Learning is designed to be a professional development tool, rather than an academic course. The content within LinkedIn Learning is created from trustworthy sources but the system is not designed to create assessments and projects that lead to academic qualifications.

You can showcase the courses you have completed on your LinkedIn Profile if you have connected your two accounts. There are options to print LinkedIn Learning certificates.

The answer is yes, but. Yes you can, but you need to ensure you have checked in with your manager to ensure they approve, and that the content you are learning is appropriate for your role.

We encourage you to use LinkedIn Learning to its fullest, therefore if there is something of personal interest that is outside of your role at UC, we encourage you to still participate in the learning during your personal time.

No. You will be able to provide this information for your PD&R discussions by accessing your ‘Learning History’ via your My Learning folder in LinkedIn Learning.

At this stage your completed learning will not be added to your UCPeople profile.

There are two reasons you may not have access.

  1. Are you trying to access from off campus?
    If you are a continuing or long term fixed term staff member. There is currently a work around for access from home. Please visit the IT Services page for more instructions on authenticating your account from home (link is being created).

  2. If you are a short term fixed term employee, you may not have access provided – whether on campus or from off campus. We will need to manually add you to the system. Please contact Learning and Development for access.



Help is available!

If you run into issues with logging in, first check the Frequently Asked Questions above, and then email Learning and Development.

For technical issues once you’re up and running, you'll have the option to click for help throughout the LinkedIn Learning system, with access to LinkedIn Learning's robust FAQ, as well as the ability to connect via email, live chat or phone.

Marjorie Blake

Capability Lead
Okeover House
Internal Phone: 93247