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Professor | Postgraduate Coordinator | AIGI ResearcherStephan Lukosch

Internal Phone: 91308


Research Interests

My current research focuses on human augmentation to enhance our senses, skills or experiences. Can we, e.g, use human augmentation to sense that someone needs our help, to help us acquire new skills, or to let us experience remote places as if being there?

I explore the effect of human augmentation in combination with applied games or in applied scenarios from as sports, health, safety & security, and engineering. For that purpose, I evaluate human augmentation with regard to human factors on acceptance, engagement and experience of human augmentation. Examples of recent projects include: the design and development of engaging and effective training environments in which humans can be prepared for complex real-life situations, superhuman sports that motivate people to exercise by providing novel experiences and capabilities, or virtual co-location environments in which individuals can virtually be at any place in the world and coordinate their activities with others and exchange their experiences.

The above research builds upon his earlier work on intelligent and context-adaptive collaboration support, collaborative storytelling for knowledge elicitation and decision-making, and design patterns for computer-mediated interaction.

Recent Publications

  • Slingerland G., Kooijman J., Lukosch S., Comes T. and Brazier F. (2023) The power of stories: A framework to orchestrate reflection in urban storytelling to form stronger communities. Community Development 54(1): 18-37.
  • Buchanan E., Loporcaro G. and Lukosch S. (2022) On the Effectiveness of Conveying BIM Metadata in VR Design Reviews for Healthcare Architecture. In Proceedings - 2022 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops, VRW 2022: 806-807.
  • Fonseca X., Lukosch S. and Brazier F. (2022) Design Framework for Social Interaction with Location-based Games. International Journal of Serious Games 9(1): 59-81.
  • Fonseca X., Lukosch S. and Brazier F. (2022) Software Architecture for Location-Based Games Designed for Social Interaction in Public Space. In Serious Games: 213-228. Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Fonseca X., Lukosch S., Lukosch H. and Brazier F. (2022) Requirements for Location-Based Games for Social Interaction. IEEE Transactions on Games 14(3): 377-390.