University of Canterbury Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship

The Summer Research Scholarship runs from November to February each year.  Information regarding the 2019/2020 season will be posted on this site in August/September 2019.

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A UC Summer Research Scholarship provides the opportunity for a student to;

  • Work on a supervised research project for 400 hours (approximately 10 weeks) over the summer period (November - February),
  • Give a presentation at the Summer Research Scholarship Feedback Day (February).

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The purpose of Summer Research Scholarships is to give senior students experience in research, to encourage them to pursue postgraduate study.

  • You'll receive a $5,000 stipend
  • An opportunity to gain and practice research skills under supervision from research project leaders. Experiences gained in previous scholarships have included:
    • Exposure to authentic case studies
    • Participation in project meetings
    • Practice in data collection, analysis, literature reviews, and interviewing techniques
    • Learning to use specialized software
    • Acquiring specialist laboratory and presentation skills
    • Becoming a co-author of presentations at conferences and articles for publication in academic journals
  • We will note completion of a Summer Scholarship on your university transcript
  • Participation in the Summer Research Scholarship Conference at the end of the programme in which each student will give a brief (5 minute) presentation about their project
  • Previous summer students have found that the research experience improved their confidence about undertaking postgraduate studies and in many cases directed them to a potential supervisor and project for Postgraduate study

To be eligible for a Summer Research Scholarship, you must:

  • be currently enrolled in the final year of an undergraduate or Honours degree at UC
  • have a minimum B average grade (GPA of 5 or above) in the last full year of study.
  • some projects have additional requirements (e.g., completion of specific courses) which are detailed in the project advertisements. If you are not sure about your eligibility for a specific project please consult the project leader before applying for the scholarship
  • if you are an international student you must have a valid student visa before applying for a summer research scholarship. You cannot use application for this scholarship to apply for a student visa

You are not eligible for Summer Research Scholarships if:

  • you are working (part-time or full-time) over the summer period, either in the University or outside.
  • you will be enrolled in a course for credit over the summer period. This includes enrolment in a summer school course or in PhD or Master’s thesis.

Engineering Students

Engineering students wishing to credit their summer scholarship work towards the practical work requirements of the BE(Hons) degree must contact the departmental Practical Work Supervisor to ensure the project meets the requirements for practical work. The student must also obtain an Application for Crediting Summer Scholarship Work Form from the College of Engineering which their work placement supervisor must sign agreeing to certain conditions regarding work environment and supervision. The completed form must then be submitted to the College Office prior to commencing the placement. Only one university placement can be counted towards practical work requirements, regardless of the employer/sponsor.

  • You must be available for full-time work on your Summer Research Scholarship project.
  • You must be located at the University of Canterbury unless your project requires project-related travel. If a project requires time to be spent away from the University of Canterbury the project advertisement will detail this. If you have any questions about the requirements for a specific project please contact the project leader before applying for the scholarship.
  • You will negotiate periods of research activity and holidays with the Project Leader. (The University is closed over the Christmas period – see key dates for details).
  • Discuss with your supervisor the tasks and timeframes of the study, including regular times for supervision meetings and expected outcomes. If a project involves work outside of typical university working hours (8:00am-5:00pm), the project advertisement will provide details. If you have any questions about the requirements for a specific project please contact the project leader before applying for the scholarship.
  • Clarify responsibility for any costs incurred in the course of the research project with the supervisor and department at the time of approval of the scholarship.
  • Students can only receive one summer research scholarship.
  • Complete the online application form (when it is open) and submit the application by the due date noted in the timeline.
  • Students can apply for up to two research projects – you will be asked to rank these on the application form.

We will pay the scholarship stipend in two equal instalments (of $2500) in the second week of December 2018 and January 2019. Please note that the second instalment will be made only after confirmation from the project leader that the student is progressing well with the project.

Please direct enquiries to

Date Event
tbc September    List of available projects advertised to students
tbc September     Deadline for Student Applications
tbc October     Students notified of outcome of application
tbc October     Deadline for students to accept or decline offers
tbc November     Scholarship Start date (an alternative start date can be discussed with the project leader and the Dean of Postgraduate Research)      
   2nd week December first payment scholarship payment.  2nd week of January - second payment

tbc February     

   Scholarship Feedback Conference
tbc February    Scholarship report form submission due date
tbc March     Certificate sent to candidates who have submitted the Report form

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