The Protea Book: A guide to cultivated proteaceae

Protea Book, The A guide to cultivated proteaceae

Lewis J. Matthews

(Out of print)

May 2002
184pp, Paperback
260 x 180mm, 300 colour photographs
ISBN 1-877257-20-6

Proteas (family Proteaceae) are a large and ancient plant family showing incredible diversity in both foliage and flower. They range in form from the giant king protea of South Africa to the spidery grevilleas of Australia; from the delicious macadamia nut of Queensland to the richly coloured New South Wales waratah; to the dainty Blushing Bride (Serruria) of South Africa's Cape Province and the beautiful South American Lomatia ferruginea. These and multitudes of related species and new varieties are described and illustrated in this spectacular new guidebook, written and photographed by a world authority.

Also covered are advice on growing requirements, propagation, uses in the garden, planting to attract birds, and the burgeoning cut-flower trade.

Lewis Matthews ran a well-known retail protea nursery and cut-flower business for 21 years, selling it in 2000 to concentrate on writing more books and magazine articles on gardening and horticulture. He is the expert adviser on proteaceous plants to the Plant Variety Rights Office of the New Zealand Ministry of Commerce. He has travelled widely to further his knowledge of the Proteaceae and corresponds with botanists and horticulturists around the world. He has been commissioned to write articles on Proteaceae in magazines such as Veld and Flora and Pacific Horticulture, and his articles and photographs are often seen in the New Zealand Gardener.