Island Kingdom: Tonga ancient and modern

Island Kingdom Tonga ancient and modern

I. C. Campbell

(Out of Print)

August 2001
296pp, Paperback
230 x 155 mm, B&W photos and maps
ISBN 0-908812-96-5

Uniquely among the nations of the Pacific Islands, Tonga was never subject to European rule at any point in its history. Since the original settlement of the islands by pottery-making, seafaring colonists about 1200 BC, Tongans have been the masters of their archipelago, developing a distinctive and elegant culture. Amid rapid modernisation, the ancient kingdom has survived, along with many of the traditional ways, giving rise to Tonga's claim that it alone offers today's tourist an authentic taste of ancient Polynesia.

Ian Campbell's authoritative and readable account of Tongan history tells the entire story from first settlement to the present day. This new edition is a revision of the original 1992 book, incorporating the results of new research and with an additional chapter on the last decade.