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Canoe in Midstream, A poems new & old

Apirana Taylor

April 2009, reprinted 2019

Akaroa Cocksfoot King of grasses

Vaughan Wood

November 2014

Along Blueskin Road

James Norcliffe

March 2005

Animals in Emergencies Learning from the Christchurch Earthquakes

Annie Potts and Donelle Gadenne

November 2014

Anthony Wilding A sporting life

Len and Shelley Richardson

June 2005

A Stroll Through Brown Trout Country

Les Hill and Graeme Marshall

September 2008

'Blest Madman' FitzGerald of Canterbury

A biography by Edmund Bohan

April 1998

Blood Ties New and selected poems 1963 - 2016

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman

February 2017

Bonsai cover_Thumbnail_26 June

Edited by Michelle Elvy, Frankie McMillan and James Norcliffe

August 2018


Koenraad Kuiper

May 2008

BRUNO The Bruno Lawrence Story

Roger Booth

October 1999

Chatham Islands Heritage and Conservation (Revised edition)

Edited by Colin Miskelly

November 2008

Christchurch Crimes and Scandals 1876-99

Geoffrey W. Rice

November 2013

Common New Zealand Marine Fishes

Chris Paulin

September 1998

Common Seaweeds of New Zealand

Nancy M. Adams

June 2007

Cricketing colonists the Brittan brothers in early Canterbury

Geoffrey Rice and Frances Ryman

August 2015

Cultural Interactions and Interpetations in a Global Age

Edited by Ji Fengyuan, Lin Jinghua and Susan Bouterey

April 2011

Deer The New Zealand story

David Yerex

August 2001, reprinted August 2002

Desert Shorts and other stories

Norman Bilbrough

April 1999

Douglas Lilburn His life and music

Philip Norman

April 2006

Down-under Dolphins The Story of Hector's Dolphin

Stephen Dawson and Elisabeth Slooten


Edith Collier Her life and work 1885-1964

Joanne Drayton

August 1999

Family Business An Italian-NewZealand Story

Vincent Moleta

September 2012

Figuring the Pacific Aotearoa and Pacific cultural studies

Edited by Howard McNaughton and John Newton

December 2005

Fish Stories

Mary Cresswell

May 2015

Food at Home_cover thumbnail

Christine Dann

May 2012

Forbush and the Penguins_thumbnail.jpg

Graham Billing


French Akaroa 2018 reprint_cover

Peter Tremewan

June 2010, reprinted 2018

Garden Design cover

Simon Swaffield


Get used to it! Children of gay and lesbian parents

Myra Hauschild and Pat Rosier

August 1999

Going Native Growing and using New Zealand's native plants

Edited by Ian Spellerberg and David Given

December 2004, reprinted 2009

Golden Atoms The Ernest Rutherford Medals

Mark Stocker

February 1999

Gourmet Tramping in New Zealand

John Sawyer and Liz Baker

March 2007

Governors and Settlers_thumbnail.jpg

Mark Francis


Great Barrier Island

Edited by Don Armitage

Published 2001, revised 2004 and 2011

Greek and Roman Treasures in Christchurch

J. R. Green

November 2007

Huts Untold stories from back-country New Zealand

Mark Pickering

October 2010, reprinted 2016

Inner Landscapes 15 NZ artists with Canterbury connections

Project Manager: Lorraine North. Interviews by Sally Blundell. Photography by Diederik van Heyningen. Book design by Aaron Beehre. Essay by Justin Paton

July 2009

In the Public Interest Essays in honour of Professor Keith Jackson

Edited by Mark Francis and Jim Tully

June 2009

Island Kingdom Tonga ancient and modern

I. C. Campbell

August 2001

Julius Haast in the Southern Alps

Colin J. Burrows

May 2005

Keep in a Cool Place cover

Allen J. Riordan and Simon Cutfield

August 2022

L'Offrande du Coeur Medieval and early modern studies in honour of Glynnis Cropp

Edited by Margaret Burrell and Judith Grant

February 2004

Land Very Fertile Banks Peninsula in poetry and prose

Edited by Coral Atkinson and David Gregory

September 2008

Lateral Inversions The Prints of Barry Cleavin

Melinda Johnston

November 2013

Letters to Grace Writing 'Home' from colonial New Zealand

Edited by Jean Garner and Kate Foster

April 2011

Life in the Estuary

Malcolm B. Jones and Islay D. Marsden

November 2005

Living Among the Northland Maori_cover

Translated and edited by Peter Tremewan and Giselle Larcombe

April 2019

Living Language Exploring Kiwitalk

Elizabeth Gordon

April 2010

Living with Natives New Zealanders talk about their love of native plants

Edited by Ian Spellerberg and Michele Frey. Photography by John Maillard

July 2008

Llew Summers_cover_thumbnail

John Newton

August 2020

Looking for Answers A life of Elsie Locke

Maureen Birchfield

September 2009

Lyttelton Port and Town An illustrated history

Geoffrey W. Rice

November 2004

Memories of Muldoon_thumbnail.jpg

Bob Jones

August 1997

Miles Warren An autobiography

Miles Warren

November 2008

Miners and Militants_thumbnail.jpg

Edited by Philip Ross May


Mr Explorer Douglas John Pascoe's New Zealand Classic

Revised by Graham Langton

April 2000, reprinted 2016, 2023

Mt John - The First 50 Years

John Hearnshaw and Alan Gilmore

March 2015

My life as a Miracle

The Wizard of New Zealand

November 1998

My Place A Place in Time 21st Century Documentary Project

Glenn Busch and Bruce Connew

January 2005

Native By Design

Edited by Ian Spellerberg and Michele Frey. Photography by John Maillard

September 2011, reprinted 2017

Never Ever Give Up

John Hellemans

August 2018

New China Eyewitness Roger Duff, Rewi Alley and the art of museum diplomacy

Edited by James Beattie and Richard Bullen. Chinese translation by Xiongbo Shi

December 2017

New Zealand's Rivers An environmental history

Catherine Knight

November 2016

New Zealand Coastal Marine Invertebrates, Vol 1

Steve de C. Cook (General Editor)

January 2010

NZ Inventory of Biodiversity - 3 vol set

Edited by Dennis P. Gordon

March 2012

Nga hau e wha o Tāwhirimatea

Edited by Matiu Tai Rātima, Jennifer Pearl Smith, Angus Hikairo Macfarlane, Nathan Mahikai Riki, Kay-Lee Jones, Lisa Kaye Davies

February 2022

Ngaio Marsh's Hamlet book cover

Edited with an introduction by Polly Hoskins

August 2019

Nga Korero cover_thumbnail

Translated, edited and annotated by Anaru Reedy

1993, digital facsimile edition March 2020

Ngā Kōrero a Pita Kāpiti_cover_thumbnail

Translated, edited and annotated by Anaru Reedy

1997, digital facsimile edition March 2020

Olivia Spencer Bower Making her own discoveries

Julie King

December 2015, reprinted 2016

On a Saturday Night Community Halls of Small Town New Zealand

Michele Frey and Sara Newman. Photographs John Maillard and John O'Malley

November 2012

On Knowing_cover thumbnail

Edited by Paul Duncum and Ted Bracey

August 2001

On My Own Two Feet The life of a mountaineer

Norman Hardie

December 2006

On the Mother Lode_thumbnail.jpg

Philip Ross May


Paikea The Life of I L G Sutherland

Oliver Sutherland

October 2013

Palmer The Parliamentary Years

Raymond Richards

November 2010

Polar Castaways The Ross Sea Party (1914-17) of Sir Ernest Shackleton

Richard McElrea and David Harrowfield

July 2004

Policy-making cover

Edited by Sonia Mazey and Jeremy Richardson

November 2021

Politics 101

Anna Smith

August 2006

Provincial Perspectives_thumbnail.jpg

Edited by Len Richardson and W. David McIntyre


Pushing His Luck

Jakob Lauper. A new translation and commentary by Hilary Low

May 2010

Ravenscar cover

Sally Blundell

February 2022

Rebellious Mirrors

Paul Maunder

August 2013

Remaking the Tasman World

Philippa Mein Smith, Peter Hempenstall and Shaun Goldfinch

December 2008

Renatas Journey_cover thumbnail

Translated, edited and annotated by Helen Hogan


Revolution The 1913 Great Strike in New Zealand

Edited by Melanie Nolan

April 2006

Salt and Civilisation

S.A.M. Adshead


Securing a Peaceful Pacific

Edited by John Henderson and Greg Watson

December 2005

Shaken Down 6.3

Jeffrey Paparoa Holman

May 2012

Shaping a Colonial Church

Edited by Colin Brown, Marie Peters and Jane Teal

July 2006

Sharks and Rays of New Zealand

Geoffrey Cox and Malcolm Francis


Singing Historian-A Memoir

Edmund Bohan

June 2012

Sliding Down the Hypotenuse

A memoir by Eric Beardsley

August 2011

Sociocultural Realities Exploring new horizons

Edited by Angus Macfarlane, Sonja Macfarlane and Melinda Webber

October 2015

Southern Capital Christchurch Towards a City Biography 1850-2000

Edited by John Cookson and Graeme Dunstall


Studying Temperate Marine Environments A handbook for ecologists

Edited by Michael Kingsford and Chris Battershill

December 1998

Sure to Rise cover

Peter Alsop, Kate Parsonson and Richard Wolfe

May 2023

Talking baby_cover_thumbnail

Margaret Maclagan and Anne Buckley

November 2019, first published 2016

Teach your Children Well

Choon Tan with Veronika Meduna


te ata kura the red-tipped dawn

A collection of poems by Apirana Taylor

November 2004

Artful Science of Trout Fishing, The

John Hayes and Les Hill

February 2005

Basin, The An illustrated history of the Basin Reserve

Don Neely and Joseph Romanos


Bond of Time, The An Epic Love Poem

John Puhiatau Pule

March 2014

breathing tree, the

Apirana Taylor

September 2014

Canterbury Roll Website Image CUP

Edited by Chris Jones, Christopher Thomson, Maree Shirota, Elisabeth Rolston, Thandi Parker and Jennifer Middendorf

December 2017

he Chambered Nautilus_thumbnail.jpg

Graham Billing


Christchurch Town Hall cover_Thumbnail

Edited by Ian Lochhead

December 2019

Diggers Story, The Accounts of the West Coast Gold Rushes

Edited by Julia Bradshaw

November 2014

Europa Lectures 2001-2006, The

Edited by Martin Holland

March 2007

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Maori Myth and Legend, The

Margaret Orbell

1995, reprinted 1996, 1999, 2003

Judas Tree, The Poems

Lorna Staveley Anker. Edited by Bernadette Hall

April 2013

Land of Doing Without, The Davey Gunn of the Hollyford

Julia Bradshaw

July 2007, reprinted 2007, 2008, 2015, 2018, 2022

Logie Collection, The

J. R. Green

December 2009

Long Dream of Waking, The New Perspectives on Len Lye

Edited by Paul Brobbel, Wystan Curnow and Roger Horrocks

November 2017

Lost World of the Moa, The Prehistoric Life of New Zealand

Trevor Worthy and Richard Holdaway, principal photography by Rod Morris

August 2002

Natural History of Canterbury, The

Edited by Michael Winterbourn, George Knox, Colin Burrows and Islay Marsden

May 2008

The Ngai Tahu Deeds cover

Harry C. Evison

March 2006, reprinted October 2021

Olive Book, The

Gareth Renowden

September 1999

Quake Year, The

Fiona Farrell, photography by Juliet Nicholas

May 2012

There are no horses in heaven

Frankie McMillan

March 2015

The Reinvention of Everyday Life Culture in the twenty-first century

Edited by Howard McNaughton and Adam Lam

September 2006

Rise and Fall of the Southern Alps, The

Glen Coates, with illustrations by Geoffrey Cox

November 2002, reprinted 2016, 2020

Seven Lives of Lady Barker, The

Betty Gilderdale

July 2009

The Slipway_cover thumbnail

Graham Billing


The Wandering Nature of Us Girls cover

Frankie McMillan

August 2022

Threatened Plants of New Zealand

Peter de Lange, Peter Heenan, David Norton, Jeremy Rolfe and John Sawyer

March 2010

Tomorrow's Teachers International and Critical Perspectives on Teacher Education

Edited by Alan Scott and John Freeman-Moir

April 2000

Treasures of the University of Canterbury Library

Edited by Chris Jones and Bronwyn Matthews with Jennifer Clement

December 2011; Print edition available May 2012

Understanding Violence Context and Practice in the Human Services

Edited by Annabel Taylor and Marie Connolly

June 2013

Victoria Square Cradle of Christchurch

Geoffrey W Rice

November 2014

Vile Crimes The Timaru Poisonings

Peter Graham

November 2007

Water Rights for Ngai Tahu 2020 reprint cover

Te Maire Tau

November 2017, reprinted with new cover 2020

We Could be Heroes The gods and heroes of the ancient Greeks and Romans

Edited by Gary Morrison, Penelope Minchin-Garvin and Terri Elder

May 2017

West Coast Walking Updated Reprint Cover CUP Catalogue

Kerry-Jayne Wilson

2013, reprinted 2017

When Running Made History cover

Roger Robinson

February 2019

White Gold The Mount Hutt story

Gerry Power

July 2002

Writing at the Edge of the Universe

Edited by Mark Williams

November 2004