What can I do with a degree in Media and Communication?

Dr Stephen Hardman, UC Internships Coordinator, with UC students Vanessa de Silva (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film) and Anna Brow (BA in Media and Communication and LLB) who conducted an Arts internship in filmmaking and event management at EPIC Centre through the Ministry of Awesome, Christchurch.

Media are central to our lives, our businesses, and our governments. They are also changing rapidly, with individuals and citizens producing more of their own content and interacting with others over global networks.

The spectacular growth of Media and Communication at UC since its introduction in 2000 reflects the robust growth of media as a profession and the strength of our internationally recognised faculty.

Through their Media and Communication degree, graduates develop a valuable set of communication-specific skills that include:

  • Writing clearly and creatively
  • Evaluating the impact of communication
  • Identifying the needs of different groups
  • Working with cultural diversity
  • Adapting to ever-changing digital media
  • Analysing different forms of communication.

They also have strong transferable skills such as:

  • Planning and managing complex tasks
  • Thinking critically
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Working independently and in a team
  • Synthesising and presenting information.

Learning outside the classroom

Opportunities to apply your learning are available:

  • An internship can deepen your skillset, working knowledge, and employability
  • Project-based work with external partners builds your skills in real-world settings
  • UC has strong ties with universities abroad, which opens up study exchange possibilities

Recent UC graduates have been employed in:

  • Media outlets eg, TVNZ, VICE, Newshub, RadioLIVE, RNZ, Newstalk ZB, Fairfax Media, CTV, Star Media, 39 Southern TV, WhitebaitMedia
  • PR, media and strategic communications eg, Network Communication, 99 Ad Agency, JWT
  • Creative and marketing agencies eg, Colenso BBDO, Traction Digital
  • Web developers eg, NV Interactive, Hairy Lemon
  • Government eg, ministries of Education, Business, Innovation and Employment; Land Information NZ; Broadcast Standards Authority
  • Educational institutions eg, Ara Institute, universities, CORE Education
  • Research eg, AgResearch, MPO Research Group
  • Not-for-profits eg, Planet Ark Environmental Foundation, Amnesty International
  • Regional councils and affiliates eg, CERA, Environment Canterbury, SCIRT
  • Organisations abroad eg, Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand
  • Franchises eg, Hurricanes, Red Bull motosport
  • Private companies in retail, banking, healthcare, legal, tourism, leisure and other sectors.

Graduates with this degree are employed in a range of jobs — see some examples below.

Note: Some of the jobs listed may require postgraduate study. See the ‘Further study’ section.

Journalist / reporter

  • Researches and gathers information
  • Interviews relevant people
  • Writes reports/stories across media platforms

Social media editor

  • Manages social media accounts
  • Creates content and runs social campaigns
  • Liaises with the public and digital groups

Broadcasting presenter

  • Hosts radio, television or web programmes
  • Speaks clearly and warmly, scripted or not
  • Writes and edits material

Broadcasting researcher / producer, production assistant

  • Prepares pitches and concepts for visual and audio media
  • Organises interviews and liaises with funders
  • Gathers and researches material

Public relations officer, media assistant

  • Manages the reputations of clients
  • Liaises with and provides information for media
  • Organises and manages events

Policy analyst / advisor

  • Identifies and investigates issues and opportunities eg, in society, law or governance
  • Interprets and consults on existing policies
  • Prepares reports and recommends changes

Communications advisor / executive

  • Develops information, media and communication strategies
  • Researches, writes, edits and produces content for various audiences and mediums

Digital marketing executive, digital content analyst / advisor

  • Develops a brand’s multi-channel communications strategy and online presence
  • Increases web traffic and digital engagement
  • Oversees digital marketing and online search

Publisher / editor

  • Plans and commissions content for publication
  • Edits and organises online and print materials
  • Liaises with other staff to oversee production

Web and app designer

  • Develops design concepts for client projects
  • Produces and adapts content for web and apps
  • Manages design and technical teams

Business development executive, sales coordinator, account manager

  • Identifies and develops new markets or business
  • Manages client relationships
  • Implements sales and marketing strategies

Entrepreneur and CEO

  • Gets involved in a start-up
  • Offers services as a freelancer/consultant

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 As they progress, students and graduates often join professional bodies or organisations relevant to their area of interest. These organisations can provide regular communications and offer the chance to network with others in a community.

Social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can provide avenues to keep upto-date with industry knowledge, networking opportunities, events and job vacancies.

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