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Sustainability Challenge

Taiao - from Mountains to Sea 

Are you interested in New Zealand’s transition towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future?

At the Sustainability Challenge, you’ll spend a weekend in teams coming up with innovative ideas about how we can solve key issues facing the primary industry sector in New Zealand. With a $3,000 cash prize pool, what are you waiting for?

Why sign up?

  • Gain an insight into sustainability in the primary industries in New Zealand.
  • Network with industry mentors and experts.
  • Work in a collaborative environment and gain innovation skills.
  • Learn how to put together a business pitch as a team.
  • $3,000 in prize money up for grabs.
  • Have something awesome to put on your CV!

What to expect 

Launch - 29 July

The challenge begins with a grand launch on Monday 29th July! The Ministry for Primary Industries will present some of the key sustainability challenges facing New Zealand, following which you will split into your teams for the challenge. For the rest of the launch you will work with your new team mates, figure out which challenge you want to focus on, and enjoy some pizza!

The Challenge - 3-4 August

Throughout the weekend you will be working with your team to evolve an idea into a 3 minute presentation.

On the first day experts and industry leaders from the primary industry sector will work with your teams in a mentoring session.  This will provide plenty of expertise to help push your idea forward. Towards the end of the day UCE will also provide a check in, which allows your team the opportunity to run through your presentation and receive some feedback. 

Day two is where your team will really fine tune your ideas and work on your presentations. UCE will provide a final check point to give any last minute feedback for your team. For your presentation your team will have 3 minutes to pitch your idea to a panel of judges. After the winners have been announced your team can chill out, celebrate what you have achieved over the weekend and enjoy some drinks and nibbles!

We will provide food (from sustainable suppliers of course!), drinks and transport between Lincoln and UC throughout the challenge.

Who should attend?
Tertiary students across all institutes and degrees are welcome to attend our challenge! No background experience in primary industries and sustainability is required -- this challenge is designed for all tertiary students of all levels.

Do I need a team in advance?
Nope, we will organise teams for you. All you need to do is register and turn up for the challenge!

Challenge partners
The UC Centre for Entrepreneurship, BLINC innovation, and Lincoln University are working in partnership to provide this challenge.

Applications are accepted on a first in, first serve basis. Strictly limited space is available so get in quick!

Key dates
Launch: Monday 29th July 4 - 7pm
Challenge: Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August 9am - 6pm

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch - email