Summer Startup Programme 2022/23

10th Edition 

The UCE Summer Startup Programme is an opportunity for students to fast-track their commercial venture or social enterprise into reality by working on it for ten weeks over the summer period.  

If you’ve got an idea, it’s also an opportunity to make it happen! The Summer Startup Programme will challenge you to push yourself and your ideas to the next level in a supportive, enjoyable and dynamic environment. Over the course of the Summer Startup Programme, you will engage with more than 60 different experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and supportive professionals.

This year, we welcome 23 new students to the 2022/2023 Summer Startup cohort. We are excited to be able to help these ventures nail their business model and grow over the next 10 weeks. There are a diverse range of students participating in this year’s Programme, so make sure you're following UCE on our social media channels to stay up to date on all Summer Startup news. Read on to meet the ventures; this is the Programme's tenth edition, making it extra special.  

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