Summer Startup

UCE EY Summer Startup Programme 2018/19

The UCE EY Summer Startup Programme is an opportunity for you to fast-track your commercial or social enterprise venture into reality by working on it full-time for ten weeks over the summer period. If you’ve got an idea, it’s also an opportunity to just give it a go!

About the Programme

You will work for ten weeks from 19 November to 8 February. (The programme closes for the Christmas break)

You will use the Lean Business Model methodology in conjunction with supportive mentoring to experience what is involved in starting a new venture. You will also benefit from engaging workshops and seminars delivered by UCE staff and experts from Christchurch’s local innovation ecosystem. You will be expected to carry out most of your work in Christchurch and you’ll be provided with a dedicated workspace at the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship. Topics covered during the programme include:

  • Defining and validating the problem, pain or unmet need

  • Understanding and talking to your customer

  • Minimum viable product definition and development

  • Routes to market

  • Revenue and Cost structures

  • Intellectual property options

  • Team building and management

You will be required to give a five-minute presentation at the end of the programme, from which the top 10 present at our Annual Presentation evening in February. See photos from past presentations on our Facebook page.


In conjunction with the programme, a limited number of UCE Summer Startup Scholarships offer students $5000 (tax-free) to work on their ventures.

Go to our profiles page to learn about previous participants.

How to apply

Applications have now closed for the Summer Startup Programme 2018/19.

For any questions please contact James Carr

Final Presentations 

The 2018/19 Annual Summer Showcase will be hosted in Central Lecture Theatres at the University of Canterbury on Tuesday 5th February. Register here

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