UCE student in winning team for NZ-India Sustainability Challenge

09 January 2018

The NZ-India Sustainability Challenge is an opportunity for students to identify and solve sustainability problems. Compliments to UC student, Nic Steyn, whose innovative team earnt first place!

  • Nic Steyn NZ India Sustainability Challenge

    New Zealand India Sustainability Challenge 2017

UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE) student Nic Steyn, with his team, tackled sustainability issues facing the vaccine industry in India, winning the 2017 NZ-India Sustainability Challenge. 

In November, Steyn flew to India to meet his two teammates at the Manipal Institute of Technology. During his time in India Steyn explored the region, made multiple trips to clinics for research and prepared for their final presentation.

The NZ-India Sustainability Challenge began with ninety teams made up of University students from around India. From this group, 6 finalist teams were selected. These 6 finalist teams were joined by a New Zealand team member who flew over for the second stage; validation and preparation for the final showcase.

The final showcase was held in Delhi in December where Steyn’s team took out first place with VaxiBead. VaxiBead is an innovative health platform to store children's vaccination data. This greatly improves the quality and consisteny of the vaccination record. VaxiBead aims to address the 9.6 million unvaccinated children by replacing notorious mountains of paperwork with a digital system.

UCE are thrilled to see students like Steyn developing and growing skills and capabilities. Through his contribution to his team, Steyn was recognised as being a leader in global awareness, enterprise and innovation.

Steyn says, "seeing the world through a different 'cultural lens' allowed me to challenge my own views in a new way."

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside so many inspirational people. It may be a cliché, but this trip was definitely life-changing. Not only seeing, but experiencing and getting involved in such a different culture has given me a whole new perspective on the world."

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