Ōtautahi 2025 Challenge

29 November 2018

Tuesday afternoon saw the final presentations of the Ōtautahi 2025 Challenge, a two-day event where a diverse range of students worked in teams to come up with future-focused solutions for Christchurch’s non-profit sector.

  • Ōtautahi Challenge 2018

    Student teams working at the Ōtautahi 2025 Challenge 2018 at YMCA Christchurch.

Ōtautahi 2025 Challenge 2018 winners

Ōtautahi 2025 Challenge 2018 winners: Fisi-Belle Carasco, William Fulton and Luke Holroyd with Josie, with judges Josie Ogden Schroeder (YMCA), Brendan Douglas (City Mission) and Ekant Veer (UC).

Hydroponic gardening, innovative apps & learning pods were just some of the incredible ideas students of the Ōtautahi Challenge came up within just 48 hours. Students worked in teams, with the guidance of local experts, mentors and UCE staff to come up with solutions to make Ōtautahi a better place.

Teams presented their ideas at the end of the Challenge on Tuesday afternoon in front of a judging panel made up of Josie Ogden Schroeder (YMCA), Brendan Douglas (City Mission) and Ekant Veer (UC Business School).

Congratulations to the following winning ideas:

1st Place - City Wide

Team Victoria proposes to develop ‘City Wide’ an innovative new way to encourage New Zealand citizens to engage with charity. They plan to partner with Flick Electric with the initial goal of paying the City Missions $65,000 annual power bill. This will be achieved by presenting power company clients with the option to round up their power bill to the nearest dollar, with the rounded up funds being automatically donated to the City Mission power fund. At 5 cents per person, only 100,000 people would need to donate to accomplish the initial goal of $65,000. After this pilot, they aim to expand to work with other organisations such as banks or the Council.

2nd Place - Mission Bee

A City Mission Open Learning Centre supplemented by a social enterprise beekeeping business called Mission Bee which will be located in red zone land. The Open Learning Centre will be designed around modular learning which can be undertaken on a drop-in basis by City Mission clients. For clients looking to apply their newly learned skills and gain practical work experience, Mission Bee will allow them to gain real-world experience in a range of roles in the beekeeping operation.

3rd Place - City Scan Solutions

City Scan Solutions propose utilising software to improve the City Mission food bank service. The system will utilise existing infrastructure to improve space optimisation and the overall efficiency of the food bank service. This will allow for an increased quantity in clients without compromising quality and will also free up more time for staff and volunteers to spend on other aspects of the City Mission service.

Other ideas included:

  • An innovative learning app designed to help City Mission bridge the gap between the current services that it offers and a forward-looking, future-oriented approach to dealing with clients. Complemented by ‘learning pods’ built into the City Mission where clients will be able to engage with the app in private, helping them to learn at their own pace.

  • A holistic approach to redesigning City Mission’s interactions with clients through the use of the Te Whare Tapa Whā model which takes into account the client’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional, and family and societal well-being. In the end, the application of this model will help eradicate homelessness and poverty by 2040.

  • Breaking the cycle of poverty experienced by many clients of the City Mission by designing a new City Mission programme service known as Whiti Mai, based on the Nordic model of rehabilitation.

  • Revolutionising the YMCA’s engagement with its clients through the development of a new social enterprise based on hydroponic gardening. Beginning with the construction of community gardens and a simple hydroponics system by students in the Youth Guarantee Programmes on the YMCA rooftop then followed by the launch of a farmers market stall in the 4th quarter of 2020. Students involved in the hydroponics programme will have the opportunity to sell their produce at the market stall, gaining valuable work experience and seeing the tangible benefits of their work.

Thank you to all mentors, judges and staff involved in making this Challenge happen and a special thank you to our core partners Christchurch City Mission, YMCA and Ministry of Youth Development for your support of this Challenge.

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