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We have so much to share! Below is our most recent news. 


NZ Biosecurity week 25-29 July: Students can take this challenge from the Biosecurity Institute of NZ to hunt weeds. Check out weedbusters and the NZ Plant Conservation Network for help with identification. 

Will Eason is researching ways to engage the public during biosecurity incursions, and Aspen Berry is exploring how our values influence the effectiveness of biosecurity communication. Both are completing a Master of Strategic Communication at the University of Canterbury. 

Aaron Millar with monkey flower

There are more species of new plants that become weeds than native species. Here, one of our Masters students finds out how we can protect waterways like culverts from plant pests. 

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Hear government, industry and Maori perspectives on how universities can mahi tahi to build biosecurity capability. Each talk is about 15 mins.

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Better Border Biosecurity (B3) has partnered with UCBI to better support NZ and Australia research. Internships and PhD scholarships are available. 

Check out NZ Biosecurity Institute activities you can do for "Our changing landscapes" 

The Department of Conservation is supporting research into how to attract pests with scent so that we can better protect biodiversity. 

Volker Nock and Rebecca Soffe

Engineering  opens up ways to fight kauri dieback and other plant pathogens. 


Research into tiny harmonic radar tags that are attached to insects and tracked by drones could help save threatened species.

Supported by Predator Free 2050 Ltd, Ben McEwen's PhD explores new ways to detect pests. Listen to a 13min podcast here.