Ron Park

BCom 2017

CEO, NE Tech & Kōrure

Ron Park

What inspired you to start Kōrure while at UC?

There were too many 'New Zealand' supplement companies simply importing producing from overseas and selling it as a 'New Zealand' product. I wanted to create a genuine NZ supplement company that sourced and made products from NZ.

Have you always been interested in the health and wellbeing industry?

I grew up in a family where we valued health and well-being. When I was younger, every morning my mother would make us take 10-15 different supplements.

You’ve been busy since leaving UC – also founding Kōrure Pets and NZ Tech. What motivated you to start these companies?

We live by these three visions. Make it New Zealand. Make it Sustainable. Make it Innovative. As part of our vision, we continue to explore and innovate. During this process NE Tech was born in order to make extraction processes of supplements more sustainable and efficient. 

We see that Kōrure was recently announced the Business Innovation winner for the 2022 NZ Food Awards. Were you expecting to win this?

We did not expect to win this as we were up against some big names. We were very pleased to win the Business innovation award as it reminded us that our hard work in leading innovation in NZ food industry did not go unnoticed. 

Looking back at your time at UC, what memories and experiences have stayed with you?

I was very much involved in extra-curricular activities. I founded a club called UCGS and was one of the executives at UCSA. I was also heavily involved in UC Entrepreneurship (UCE). UCE most definitely acted as a catalyst to boost my entrepreneurial spirit - Thank you UCE! I wouldn't be here without you!

You seem quite passionate about these extra-curriculars - what did you learn from these experiences?

Club activities must have been the most exciting chapter of my life at UC. My area of passion lied with international students. With the help and support of the UC Student Success team & UCSA, we were able to create a club called UCGS (UC Global Society) where we acted as the bridge to close the gap between international students and domestic students. We organised events such as the International Market and others, which are still running to this day! 

What advice would you give to a new student who is moving away from home to come to UC?

Make the most out of your time at UC! Follow your passion and ask for help. You will be surprised how much support is available for you out there.

UC also has one of the best student/club cultures in NZ so get amongst and have fun! It will be one of the most exciting chapters of your life.