ENGR404-20S2 (C) Semester Two 2020

Renewable Energy Technologies and Management

15 points
13 Jul 2020 - 08 Nov 2020


This course explores various emerging technologies related to the needs for energy, including the supply of renewable energy. This includes topics such as combined heat and power systems, biomass and thermo-chemical processing, wind, geothermal and solar energy processes. This course will also discuss the applications of catalysis in the production of energy carriers, starting at a basic level, and includes sections on adsorption and surface science, catalytic kinetics, evaluation on the modern catalytic processes in oil/gas refinery and studying key characteristics of emerging nanomaterials that enable them to become an effective catalyst in energy applications.


ENCH291 or subject to approval of the Director of Studies


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Domestic fee $975.00

International fee $5,500.00

* Fees include New Zealand GST and do not include any programme level discount or additional course related expenses.

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  • ENGR404-20S2 (C) Semester Two 2020