EDMM632-21S2 (D) Semester Two 2021 (Distance)

Issues in Language Acquisition and Learning

30 points

Start Date: Monday, 19 July 2021
End Date: Sunday, 14 November 2021
Withdrawal Dates
Last Day to withdraw from this course:
  • Without financial penalty (full fee refund): Sunday, 1 August 2021
  • Without academic penalty (including no fee refund): Friday, 1 October 2021


In this course, students will gain a thorough overview of current research in the field of language acquisition and learning, and develop an ability to analyse and critically evaluate findings and discussions in the literature on language acquisition pedagogy that inform the design and implementation of curricula for migrant students' learning contexts. Students will compare and contrast a range of approaches to teaching additional languages. Students will also investigate, and critically analyse problematic aspects of language acquisition and learning research, and consider their relevance to practices and problems in a particular educational setting.


EDEM631 or
equivalent knowledge



Timetable 2021

Students must attend one activity from each section.

Online A
Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00 Online Delivery [009]
19 Jul - 29 Aug
13 Sep - 24 Oct

Course Coordinator

For further information see School of Teacher Education Head of Department


Assessment Due Date Percentage  Description
Research Bibliography 40% Descriptive analysis of an issue in language acquisition and learning
Critical Essay 60% Critical analysis of a topic of choice

Indicative Fees

Domestic fee $1,905.00

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