GEOG213-20SU1 (C) Summer Jan 2020 start

The EU, Globalization and Migration

15 points
06 Jan 2020 - 09 Feb 2020

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This course addresses international migration as one of the most pressing and formative issues which shape both European integration, and the relationships of Europe with the rest of the world. It addresses the economic, social, political and policy aspects of international migration in the changing EU and global contexts. The course has particular resonance for students in New Zealand, a country whose society has substantially been shaped by migration to and from Europe and the rest of the world.


Any 30 points of 100-level Geography, or any 90 points approved by the Head of Department.


EURO223, EURA223

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Assessment Due Date Percentage 
Project Essay 50%
Test 50%

Textbooks / Resources

Recommended Reading

Hudson, Ray , Williams, Allan M; Divided Europe : society and territory; SAGE Publication, 1999.

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