Nonlinear Concrete Mechanics and Modelling Techniques

15 points

Not offered 2019, offered in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018

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Constitutive modelling of structural concrete and reinforcing bars, Buckling of reinforcing bars, Bond between concrete and reinforcing bar, Confinement and its effect on the behaviour of RC, Shear in RC, Ductility of nonlinear RC members, Issues related to seismic design of RC structures. Macro-modelling approach, using lumped plasticity techniques. Features and characteristics of different hysteresis rules. Modelling Flexure-shear interaction using strength degradation rules. Use and limitation of fiber element modelling and Finite Element micro-modelling. Applications to case studies: experimental-analytical validation. Modelling of sections, connections and structural subassemblies and systems including: beam-column joints, frames, wall systems, diaphragms, floor-to-lateral resisting system connections, non-structural elements including infills/partitions/facades/ceilings.


Subject to approval of the Head of Department or Programme Director